I’m Off!

Well, today I leave home and embark on a journey to San Francisco Airport, and then to London.

I’m flitting around here trying to remember exactly what it is I have forgotten (an exercise that is doomed by its very description). I figure I’ll remember somewhere over Iceland.

I feel a little apprehensive, but still strangely calm. There is a small bit of excitement brewing down somewhere below my active consciousness; it is an excitement that I’m sure will hit me at full force as I’m stepping onto the airplane. Put quite simply, I still can’t believe I’m actually doing this – the experience is as of yet unfathomable. And yet, I leave today.

Strange, exciting, nebulous. I have no idea who or what I’ll run into, and I think I’m going to like that 🙂

I look forward to relating my travels to you, and keeping an online journal for you to read.