Bodily Harm 2: “Racquetball”

I have recently taken up racquetball as a means of keeping myself active and bruised. My brother, Tarik McFall, and I go out once a week and try not to hit each other too much in any one game.

None of us have a sense of control yet (we’ve all just started) and therefore simply concentrate on getting the elusive little blue ball back to the opposite wall. As you might imagine, this makes for an interesting game as return shots pretty much span the length and width of the court as the absence of direction and strategy keeps us all guessing.

Lack of control and predetermined ball course also makes for the occasional misguided return shot. Take last night for instance. Tarik and I were playing our first game of the evening against each other and doing quite well to just return each other’s shots. He returned my serve to the opposite rear wall, forcing me to run back to return it. When I turned around and swung (as hard as I could, of course), I hit the ball in the meat of the racquet and angled it perfectly off the side of his head toward the front wall. Thankfully it didn’t hurt him (too bad) and we both collapsed in fits of laughter. I don’t know why, but striking someone with a medium to high speed racquetball on accident seems to be quite funny (provided he or she isn’t hurt, too bad).

He got some return shots in on me (hitting me in the ass and jewels respectively) and we were even for the night. Logan hit me in the head the other day, as well. I’m enjoying racquetball and have the bruises to prove it.

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  • That which does not kill us makes us giggle, whether it be by purpose or on accident 🙂

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