Today I experienced block. I sat and stared, my eyes vacuous bits of matter and my brain an utterly useless automaton maintaining my breathing and other basic motor functions while the muscles in my hands and neck twitched, of their own dissociative accord. I have been putting in some long, intensely focused hours at work, on a component of a decently complicated software application, and it has been wearing on me. But the brief stint of block intrigues me, however frustrating.

This is an altogether odd experience indeed; to reflect on one’s own inability to develop or maintain coherent thoughts and then stop thinking completely and enter into a self-reflective state of pause. A ringing ensued in my ears, my eyes tunneled, and I reflected on nothing whatsoever, or rather, on what that bit of nothing felt like.

It was enveloping.

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  • Staying up late playing x-box with your future brothers in law wouldn’t have contributed to your lack of energy or lack of a thought process, could it?

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