Ella Louise Smith

With a full head of brunette hair, Ella Louise Smith came into the world at 4:03am on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009, taking full advantage of the fact that she was almost a full pound lighter than her older brother at birth to make for a much more pleasant delivery experience for her mother (and, in turn, her father). As soon as we had the opportunity, we thanked her for her kind consideration.

Ella Louise Smith She weighed 8 lbs, 2.4 oz and measured a leggy 20″ long. Within seconds, she let us know (in shrill tones) just what sort of injustice this cold, bright, loud new world had rendered.

Our experience at the Birth Day Place at Feather River Hospital was exceptional. The facility itself was large, clean, and well laid out to evoke a feeling of spacious health (the opposite of most hospitals). The nursing staff was friendly, caring, and professional, as well as very capable and knowledgeable. Even the food was great! When was the last time you heard of a hospital with delectable dishes?

Going into this labor, we were very concerned about Tina’s hip/pelvis/nerve injury (a leftover from Isaac’s delivery in December, 2006). Isaac’s was a very difficult birth, with a great deal of pain associated with walking (or even moving) due to nerve injuries from complications during delivery in 2006.

As luck (or God, or destiny) would have it, Ella’s birth was a much less harrowing process that didn’t cause (or aggravate) Tina’s injuries from Isaac’s birth. Afterward, the nerve pain that had been afflicting Tina throughout Ella’s pregnancy had subsided significantly and she was able to walk and move about as expected after a normal delivery. Needless to say, we both breathed a huge sigh of relief and were thankful for the wonderfully contrasting positive delivery experience.

We were discharged yesterday afternoon (June 3rd) and came home to get to know Ella a little bit better. She and Tina are doing very well and we’re all moving gracefully into the newborn routine. Big brother Isaac is enchanted with his new “cute baby mister” (he can’t quite say “sister” just yet) and constantly wants to hold her.

We want to thank everyone for their kind wishes, love and support!


  • Fantastic news!
    Thanks for keeping us all apprised! We will have to give you both a call and a visit once things settle down a bit. I’m sure you have more than a handful of things going on right now. 🙂
    Great job you two! Congrats on your new baby girl! 🙂
    Logan and Tammy

  • Tina & Tyler,
    What a Blessing and what Joy! Ella is BEAUTIFUL just like her big brother Isaac!! We so look forward to meeting her. Ella is a treasured gift to our growing family….Life is Wonderful!!
    Hugs and Love and hope you all get some well deserved rest;.)
    Uncle Reg and Aunt Pam

  • She’s beautiful! So glad the birth went well-great job, Tina (and Tyler!:>)! Thank you for including me in your email. Can’t wait to see her in person!

  • Congratulations Smith clan! What adorable pictures and video. I’m so glad Ella’s arrival went well for everyone and Isaac is enthralled with his “mister”. We’re coming thorough Chico in early July – maybe we could pop by for a quick visit?
    Blessings to such a beautiful family! ~ Amanda

  • Tyler & Tina, Isaac and Ella!
    Congratulatons!! Great job, Tina! Whew! I have thought about you! You have a beautiful family and we enjoy the pics that come along!
    Enjoy! The hard work will pay off!!!
    Mahlon and Kathy!!

  • What an Angel !
    What a great name, Ella, there is a French song written for Ella.
    It describes so well Ella, so here is the English translation:
    Ella, she has it
    That something
    That others don’t have
    That puts us in a happy state
    She has this special voice
    She has this special joy
    This gift from the sky that makes her pretty
    She has this little more in the soul
    This undefinable charm
    This little flame
    Ella, elle l’a ce je n’sais quoi
    Que d’autres n’ont pas
    Qui nous met dans un drĂ´le d’Ă©tat
    Elle l’a cette drĂ´le de voix
    Cette drĂ´le de joie
    Ce don du ciel qui la rend belle
    Ella, elle l’a, ella, elle l’a
    Elle a ce tout petit supplĂ©ment d’âme
    Cet indéfinissable charme
    Cette petite flamme.
    Can’t wait to see you all soon!

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