Tomorrow Tina and I leave for London. We have packed, unpacked, and repacked all of our things. Many items didn’t make the final cut. The important things have been packed though. I’ve fully charged the iPod and loaded up some good Brit-Rock playlists (The Beatles, Radiohead, Starsailor, Doves, Supergrass, Gomez, U2, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, Soft Cell, The Verve, The Who) for the plane ride. The proper UK-compatible iPod-charger has been purchased; the camera safely stowed; the Passports dusted off; the London “A to Zed” street map book retrieved from the bookshelf.

I just re-read my entry from the day before we left for London the last time. Many of the same feelings still apply. I hope this time the seats are a bit more comfortable than the last plane ride.

We have been looking forward to this honeymoon for so long neither one of us is quite sure it’s actually happening. Sure enough, though, the tickets are bought and our bags are packed. My mom and Gary are taking us to the airport. We’re leaving at 8 AM. I’ve checked the tickets again. Sure enough. London.

We’ve both been having dreams about going back for months now; troublesome dreams where favourite restaurants have been closed down; happy dreams where we re-orientate ourselves instantly and feel like we never left.

We’ll be in London through New Years and then we’re off to Bath, Manchester, Glasgow, Inverness, and York.

Here we go!


  • Hey Guys!
    Hope you had a good Christmas! Meg is home now from Texas!
    Can’t wait for your next adventure! Keep writing because we, here in Siskiyou County, are snowbound without a 4-wheel drive vehicle! Lots of snow over night. Looks pretty from inside looking out. We went to Yreka from home last night and had to go by 4-wheel drive to Wal-Mart! Amazing what old people do for excitement, huh?
    Enjoy yourselves! Stay safe!
    Love ya both,
    Cathy Murphy

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